Pet Pill Pockets: An Overview.

Pet pills pockets refer to the hiding of your dog's medication either in their food or treat to avoid direct taking in of the medication. The medicine is mostly in pills forms, and in most cases, dogs do not react well when it comes to taking of medication that is in the way of pills. Thanks to the introduction of pills pockets, then the offering of pill medication has now been made easier. 
Foods to be used as Pills Pocket more here useful site

So you have decided that you are going for the pill pocket idea since you have to give the medication to the dog in one way or the other. A challenge now arises when it comes to choosing the right food that you will use as your pocket. Most people tend to believe that using the food that your dog loves as a pocket is one of the effective ways to help you get them to take medicine. 
However, this is not the case. Using pill pockets requires the pet owner to use foods that the dog is not used to. Mostly it is recommended that you give the pet foods that they are not familiar with, food that you have been feeding them once in a while or have never fed them before. visit pill treats for dogs

If you have a problem choosing the food type, consider getting foods that have a nice odor that will attract the dog and on the flavor, consider the meals with a varied range of tastes. The flavors and scent are useful in making the dog to eat the food and medicine together without noticing. In some cases, you are allowed to use foods or drinks the dog loves, but with this, you will have to grind the pills into powder form before mixing them. 
Plan B: Homemade Pill Pockets 

Not every time does the pill pocket idea of using good works for your pet especially when it reaches a situation where it is becoming a tendency or where you have to administer the dosage on a daily basis. Once the dog realizes this, then it will start becoming a problem feeding them. 
This is where plan B comes in handy. You cannot just use one form of pill pocket to administer the medication to your dog. The second option that you have left is the use of homemade pill pockets. How this idea works is you make a pill design from recommended ingredients, and you insert the pills into the final product of your homemade pill pocket. 
Try using both ideas when giving pill medicines to your pet.more