Information about the Pet Pill Pockets

Pets are some of the animals that are so close to humans, and at times they live with them in the houses. Most common of the pets include the cats and the dogs which are very much friendly to humans and they need a lot of care from them. One of the most critical issues that can face them is the ill health which can only be solved by giving them medication. Dogs and cats are very much sensitive to what goes into their mouth, and they do so through the smell. more learn more

It, therefore, becomes very much difficult for one to administer pills to the dogs and the cats directly since most of them have a smell and a taste they don't like. One needs to be very careful since they can at times be aggressive when you try to force them to take the pills which to them they don't think is right food. Because of that veterinarians researched the best method in which they can help the clients to give medication to their dogs without having to force the dogs into something they don't like. 

Pill pockets are therefore used for administering the pills to the dogs and the cats, and they work exceptionally well in ensuring every piece of the tablets assists the dog. They are made in a nutritious way such that not only the pills are used to the pets but also the pill pockets when fed by dogs and cats are nutrient and go a long way in ensuring that the pets are safe and with good health. The science behind them is that they are made with the pockets where the pills are pushed and hidden from the dogs. more here

Made in such a way that the smell of the pill will not be noticed by the dogs and that's why it is essential to ensure you don't touch the pill pocket with the hand that was holding the pill. These pockets are flavored differently depending on the pet that will use them. In most cases, the pet pill pockets for the cats have a chicken flavor which is very attracting to the cats and therefore one you give it to them they feed it just like chicken. For the dogs, you will find many flavors which will attract them and ensure that when the piss is thrown at them, they take it directly without noticing the pill. Most of the pill pocket is sold in vet shops, and they are non-prescription meaning one can get them anytime. more